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27 January 1977
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Hello. My name is Marcia and I am a self proclaimed busybody. My life is very eclectic... I have lots of jobs, hobbies and interests. I'm a wife, mother, friend, youth worker, artist, crafter, hooper & believer. I am not a creature of habit. You won't catch me listening to the same CD twice in a day or buying the same cereal two weeks in a row. I love change. I love to try new things. I will never grow up. I try to live life "artfully" by using creativity and imagination whenever I have a chance. I would like to say that I seize the day and live for the moment. . . all though I don't always. I'm getting better though. I used to be very shy. But a friend told me to pray for boldness. So I did. It worked. From time to time I still need people to initiate conversation with me. Theres a shard of shyness still in there. I'm a visual person. If ya wanna know more about me...look at my pictures.

Let all that I am praise the Lord;
with my whole heart,
I will praise his holy name.
Psalm 103:1


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